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The Dawg
01-04-2007, 11:19 PM
Black Porno Network ( http://www.blackporno.net ) has been updated. The site now has a link directory listing that is capable of listing all
sites in the black, interracial and latina niches. The links auto shuffle to give all sites a chance to be listed at the top. Feel free to check
the list and submit your sites with a short description. I will approve them as fast as I can. Receip. links are required.

You can list your TGPs, Free Sites, DVD Sites, Link Sites, etc. to the link directory.

If you are trading traffic with me - Thank you. If your link trade with me has died, lets rekindle it so the traffic can flow.

Check out the new features... If you feeling it, submit your site(s).


TGP Partner accounts:

All TGP partners will receive an email at the end of each month to renew their submit pass payments. Thank you.


Advertising On The Network:

If you are interested in advertising with me, please email me at webmaster@dawgtraffic.com for more information. There are a few different
traffic packages available including our popular messageboard and niche specific banner placements.


Hardlink Trades:

Lastly, I am looking for webmaster page link swaps for TGP submissions, Link Trades and Webmaster Resource sites. Contact me if interested.

Thanks and Good Luck in 2007!

The Dawg