View Full Version : Net Sex Places updated and kickin ass!

09-18-2008, 06:29 AM
As of today NetSexPlaces.com has new backend! One more of my LL's survived backend script changes (that means just one more:D) so now we have new categories here, especially gay categories (former one gay category has being divided into specific gay niche pages)!
All in all it's 72 categories opened for Your free and AVS places. I'll start accepting blogs as well pretty soon ... have few glitches I need to sort out first!
Again there are some changes in rules department (nothing fancy) and I'm pretty loose regarding recip links (one or two link recips, pre made or Your custom ... all good to me as long as You hit the nail with the right category) but You better check out submit page for complete info:

Thank god no backlog here :D and in case Youíre wondering reviews are done daily so what gets in today will be reviewed tomorrow and, if approved, shown the day after tomorrow! Thatís all folks Ö :bounce: